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Crypto Marketing Experts Is A full-Service Digital Marketing Agency For Crypto Projects

From putting your brand on tier-one premium publishers to sending your coin to the moon on television and billboards – Crypto Marketing Experts have all the marketing tools needed to be a one-stop-shop. 

Financial Journalism & Placement On Premium Publishers

Instantly Build Credibility, Trust And Authority By Featuring On the Most Respected Websites In The World.

Our expert copywriting team work with you to create your story, and we leverage our connections and technology integration with over 25 premium publishers. These publishers have full autonomy to approve or reject content, which is where our relationships and frankly the sheer volume of $s we spend with them, enables us to facilitate placement. If we can’t get your project approved, we still have the option to run the content on our tier two network of crypto specific inventory. 

Omnichannel Digital Advertising

Powered By Our Own Technology Stack. 

We leverage our own Demand Side Platform (programmatic DSP) which we connect into a very specific and filtered set of digital inventory – enabling us to use smart combinations of Account Based Marketing (ABM), contextual keyword targeting and targeting based on the apps that people have installed (think Coinbase etc). 

We plug this into our own attribution technology, to ensure we can create dynamic audiences based on those people who take positive actions, such as reading for more then one minute on the host premium page or clicking to see the project in an app like Coinbase. We then use cutting edge data mobility partnerships to make these very targeting audiences available (only to Crypto Marketing Experts) on platforms like Facebook. So whilst everybody else selects the Facebook segments for investors, we have located a much more crypto orientated dynamic audience – and there’s only a 17% cross over with Facebooks. Hint, only one in five people in Facebook’s segments are the people you want to reach


Content & Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Is Still A Vital Cog In The Crypto Mix 

We have a small army of posters as well as over 400 crypto specific influencers in our agency mix, and this ability to authentically reach communities, sub-Reddits, discords and other private groups where crypto investors go to learn and take advice is a key part of the success of our projects. A major difference is having the ability to point people to a premium hosted publisher page to really give credibility to the endorsement that the influencer is making. These two tactics, premium hosted landing pages and high-tier influencers combining with the reach of grassroots social is an incredibly powerful tactic that we use to skyrocket crypto projects 

Traditional Media Advertising

Big Projects Can Benefit Hugely From The Reach & Additional Credability Of TV – Especially When Engaging The Next Wave Of Crypto Investors – The Boomers

There remains a penache around TV advertising, and for the majority of coin marketing projects and ICO’s, its been off the table – but here at Crypto Media Experts we can leverage our programmatic connections to TV buying platforms, as well as audio (radio and podcasts) and now – we also enable connected billboard buying, letting us run large format digital signage of prominent billboards (especially powerful in central inner city epicentres of crpyto investors) 

Conversion Optimization

Bespoke attribution modelling services are key for measuring the challenging user journey in Crypto 

We work with you to understand the stage that your project is at, and which platforms support your coin. We optimise the whole experience – adverts, content, links, messaging and calls to actions to match that journey, and plug in into our predictive intent analytics platform. This lets us take optimisation signals from the whole journey to ensure we create a highly performance marketing mix and marketing execution for you 

Email Marketing

Email Remains A Hugely Performant Channel – We have Pre-Segmented Lists Ready To Go 

We have huge First Party (our own) lists of crypto investors segmented around the platforms they use to invest, the scale they invest at and what coin life cycle they like to invest in. We then send the targeted traffic to the premium publishing pages that we create, to further excite the relevant segments about your project. 

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