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Our model is unique in the crypto space for two core reasons;

  1. We guarantee outcomes in the form of deep content engagements – offering crypto marketers a uniquely de-risked approach to growing the value of their projects (not to mention millions of impressions worth of free added-value)
  2. We accept your crypto/altcoin as a form of payment – meaning our services in reality only cost what it takes to mine the equivilent value in your altcoin. We also hold our fee in your coin for the duration of the project, in essence meaning we put our money where our mouth is. 

Our Packages

We have two standard packages, as well as our bespoke Gold package. All packages include a dashboard login and a dedicated account manger, as well as your placement on at least one premium financial website: 



+15% service fee

Guaranteed placement on at least one premium publisher
20,000 (guaranteed minimum) Deep Engagements™ of at least 30 seconds on your hosted landing page
Millions of free of charge impressions across digital ads, social media and discords (our CPE audiences) which don’t hit our Deep Engagement criteria
Share your premum publisher link with your investor community to mobalise a micro-influencer army to promote the branded PR

Incredible value



+15% service fee

Everything from Bronze
Guaranteed placement on at least 3 premium publishers
40,000 (guaranteed minimum) Deep Engagements™
Up to 10m (or more if we need them) free impressions across ads, newsfeeds, discords etc)
Email promotion to 250,000 validated Crypto investor email list
Weekly report and account manager


From $100,000

+15% service fee

Everything from Bronze & Silver
Full exposure to all of our internal CME audiences segments across all platforms
Guaranteed placement on at least 5 premium publishers
Custom amount of Deep Engagements™ from validated Crypto investors subject to project size
Email promotion to our full 550,000+ Crypto Investor email list, as well as promotion from 400+ grassroots social posters and discord groups, Telegram promotions andprogrammaic amplification to our entire 7,800,000 and growing programmatic audiences – which continue to deliver even after we hit the guaranteed minimum reads. 


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